Student Scholarship Application




Our desire is to give all students the opportunity to participate in all youth trips & events, we and understand there are times when the cost may be out of reach. For this reason, we have created a Scholarship Fund with the purpose of providing financial assistance to those who would not otherwise be able to attend.


The Scholarship Fund is made possible through donations received from many thoughtful individuals who recognize the valuable spiritual impact that trips & events can have in a student’s life.


Scholarship Specifics:


  1. All Scholarship recipients must complete our *Work Program, which you will need to coordinate through our youth office. Work Program finances received will be credited towards your overall camp balance.


  1. Assistance is normally granted on a partial basis as need is determined. The maximum amount this program can provide for any individual is up to one half (50%) of the trips total cost.


Scholarship Process: Follow the steps below in order to get your scholarship form processed.


  • Register for Activity/Event & Pay Deposit
  • Submit Scholarship Application to Youth Pastor
  • Schedule Work Program
  • Complete Work Program Prior to Trip or Event


 *If the cost is the only reason for not attending a trip or event and our scholarship program won’t fund enough, please let us know so we can problem-solve more. We don’t’ want finances to be the reason you can’t attend.

Applicants Information